海外発送について International shipping


We ship outside of Japan, please follow [Guidelines] and read [Notice] below.


<①Shopping agency service "Worldshopping.global>

You can request a shopping agency service "Worldshopping.global" to buy itmes on behalf of you and to have them shipped. This service is conducted by zig-zag,Inc.
Please press a banner of Worldshopping on shopping page.

By using this service,
・You can easily and smoothly buy items in English.
・You can use not only credit card, but also Paypal and debit card such as China UnionPay.
・Besides merchandise price total, it will cost 10% of Merchandise price total as commission fee, domestic shipping charge in Japan, overseas shipping charge, and handling charge.
To see more details about the agency service Worldshopping.global

<②Direct Shipping>

We use FedEx or Japan post EMS (Express Mail Service) for all international orders.
The item(s) will be shipped after full payment is confirmed.  

<How to order>

Please email us from the contact page or directly to info@tsubaya.co.jp.
Please understand that we charge 10% as Paypal fee and insurance instead of Tax, even if you are living outside Japan. 

<Order Template>

Please follow this template when emailing us your order.

The part number of products:
Web site URL of products: http://
Size:      mm
No. of items:
Name (English): 
Address (English): 
(Please don't forget the name of the country and postal code)
Phone Number:
Email address:
Please write down if you have any questions. 
※Before proceeding with your order, please read and accept our international shipping terms and conditions.

<Shipping costs>

We will inform the detail of the shipping cost as soon as we've finished reviewing it.
※ customs duties should be at the customer's expense.
※Shipping cost discount is only for deliveries within Japan.


We will send an invoice via Paypal after receiving an order from you.
If payment is not received within 5 days, we require you to reorder. 


We accept payment through Paypal only.
The Paypal exchange rate fluctuates daily. It is 2-4% more than the usual exchange rate.
Please confirm the final price from the invoice.


After we receive your payment, we will ship the products out as soon as possible. We will send an email with the tracking number after the shipment is sent.


【International Shipping Terms and Conditions】

  • Please purchase edged tools in accordance with the laws of your own country.  We will take no responsibility if any of our items you bought are confiscated (seized) by the customs. Please inquire with your local customs about the duties.
  • As we do not send a manual with our products, please don't hesitate to email us to know the characteristics, way of use, or further information regarding the product.

  • Please notify us immediately of any damage or loss of a shipment. We will inquire with the courier, however, the investigation may be a long process. You can repurchase the product and we will refund you the payment immediately after compensation is granted.

  • There is a risk that the handle of the knife can crack or the blade can bend due to the difference in the environment such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, or humidity.  We won't accept any returns, refund or exchange because of the bent blade or cracked handle. Please understand this. 







ご購入されたい商品の型番 :
商品のウェブページURL : http://                    
刃渡り : mm 
購入数: 個 
お客様のお名前 (英文)  :
配送先 (英文) :
電話番号 :
Email :











  • 当店で取扱いの商品に、国によって規制が設けられている可能性があります。当店では一切把握いたしておりませんので、予めご使用になる国の規制内容についてご確認頂くようお願いいたします。最悪の場合、輸入禁止で廃棄、返送、もしくは輸入後に使用禁止となる場合も有り得ますが、そういった場合でも当社では商品返品、返金はお受け致しかねますので十分ご注意ください。
  • 当店の商品には原則的に取扱い説明書等は一切添付しておりません。現地の方にご使用いただく場合は、日本の庖丁の特徴をよく理解していただいたうえでご使用いただくようお願い申し上げます。
  • 海外向け商品の梱包には当店としても特別の注意を致しております、しかし、まれに輸送途上の破損等の事故や、商品の紛失等が発生する場合がございます。
  • 当社の製品、特に庖丁につきましては、温度・湿度および気圧の変化のため、柄が割れてしまったり、庖丁が曲がってしまったりする可能性がございます。庖丁の曲がりにつきましては、環境変化とともに、時間の変化でも起こる、自然現象のようなものです。当店にお持ちいただくか、お送りいただければ無料でお直しいたしますが、庖丁の曲がりや柄の割れによる返品、返金または送料の負担等は一切お受けしておりません。近くの庖丁販売店にて相談してみてください。